Day 1 Camp NaNoWriMo 3rd prompt


  • Gated
  • Compute
  • Boot
  • Disc
  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Insulation
  • trigger
  • Soda
  • Jealous

Living in the exclusive GATED community had done nothing to deter them from breaking in.

The PORTABLE external hard drive was gone. Some genius had poured an entire can of SODA over the open laptop. It was no surprise that it would no longer BOOT up. They had ransacked the entire townhouse. The extend of the damage was probably due to their frustration over failing to achieve their objective.

The saving grace was they did not find the DISC they were looking for. They probably were not FLEXIBLE enough to climb up and reach the panel covering the insulation in the far corner of the miniscule laundry room/closet.

What did not COMPUTE was what TRIGGERED them to make such a daring daytime attempt to steal the information in the first place. It had definitely not been a ‘black bag’ job. The fact they had not bothered to hide the fact they had been there nor bothered to make it look like a robbery was disconcerting. It was cold comfort to know they had underestimated her.

Some people who were JEALOUS of her recent promotion. LIttle did they know how steep a price she had paid to earn her promotion. Now this. At least they had not found her ‘to go bag’. She knew the drill. It wasn’t the first time she would have to relocate, change her name, and lay low but she was determined it would be the last time. This time she would bring the war to them. This time she would be the one to invade their homes and disrupt their lives.



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