Day 2 Camp NaNoWriMo 2 prompts combined

I missed two prompts the first one was fast and easy but the second one took longer but was a continuation from this one so I will post them together

Intrinsic – Enormity – Thwarting – Magnify – Testify – Print – Crystal – Quartz – Communications – Sign

The intrinsic value of all life had never been questioned but the enormity of what they were about to do should have been. Thwarting the Overthrow was one thing but was this really a way to magnify the ‘calling’ they believed they had been given? One day they would have to testify to what they had done, to what had happened to need them to act in such a brash and cavalier manner. The dust obscured the print beneath the crystal dial. The quartz in the cave walls interfered with communications but there was no sign of the storm outside stopping so they had no other choice but to proceed.

The above was headed in one direction but then …

Vortex – Whirlpool – Cap – Clock – Drop – Gulf – Gezer – Strip – Volts – Axle

The vortex that had damaged their ship reminded him of the whirlpools back on his home planet. After being marooned on a planet of blistering sand and unbearable heat he longed to be back home on a planet known as an aquatic paradise  He paused to remove the cap from the canteen and took a sip. They would have to clock in the time and location of the samples to make sure the results were accurate. He was careful not to drop the lid as he replaced it making sure it was securely sealed.

As he drilled down for the next sample the earth began to shake. Suddenly they were  tossed about as the ground seemed to be split in two.

A huge gulf appeared as a gezer of hot liquid belched upwards dampening the stalactites above. It had a foul stench and everyone scrambled to their feet and backed as far away from the newly formed ravine as they could.

He tore a strip off his sleeve and placed in over his mouth and nose. Those with him began to do the same. One of the younger cadets stepped towards the ravine wanting to record what had happened. He was walking back towards the others when a glob of liquid dripped off one of the stalactites onto his hand. He quickly shook it off and brush the back of his hand on his pant leg.

Suddenly he fell to the ground convulsing as if thousands of volts were coursing through his body.

The medic assigned to the research party told everyone to stay back. He quickly retrieved a bio hazard containment unit from the double axle cart used to haul their equipment. Before he could suit up a greenish vapour rose from where the unknown liquid had been on his hand and the  leg of his pants. The convulsions instantly ceased

The medic started towards the unconscious man but stumbled backwards as the cadet leapt to his feet

The cadet stretched and twisted as if to release tightly knotted muscles. He shifted his shoulders, moved his head from side to side and then looked towards the others.

Something wasn’t right. His features went from distorted and pained to blank. As the medic took a step towards him the cadet’s countenance changed. In an unearthly and sinister voice he hissed, “So this is how it finally feels to be released.”




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