2nd Creative challenge writing prompt

The second writing prompt I did from Creative Copy Challenge.

The required words were:

  1. Conceal
  2. Memories
  3. Arabian
  4. Four-beat
  5. Wood
  6. House
  7. Town
  8. Original
  9. Place
  10. Herald

‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ echoed down the aisle and out into the dimly lit, almost deserted, street. Jenna had just returned from the Arabian Peninsula was jetlagged and feeling a tad hung over. The melody reverberated in her head as if it was a track from that  four-beat band her brother used to listen to in the early 90s.

Although this was the place where the original Angus and Jenna  McRae had called home, the present day Jenna McRae had left town 6 years ago and never looked back. She stopped in front of the house where she and her siblings had grown up and enjoyed a fairly happy childhood until that fateful day.

The sturdy brick house had endured the bombing raids of WWII. There had been so many happy childhood memories made within those walls, but now the peeling paint on the wood window sills told a sad story of neglect. How could she have known opening the door that wintry day would change her life forever. The house was no longer home, and now only reminded her of the real reason for her multitude of business trips to Saudi Arabia. For now she had to conceal the truth but she was determined that soon, very soon, that would change..

Through gritted teeth she huskily said, “Danny, I promise I will see that justice is done, or I’ll die trying!” Jenna spun around and marched briskly back to the Chesham tube station. It was going to be a long night.

She dreaded visiting the cemetery after all these years but it might be her last chance for some sort of closure and to say goodbye. Things could easily go pear-shaped on her next assignment. Jenna knew if their intel was bad they would not make it back. She also knew she would not get to the cemetery until after midnight but it was now or never.

To be continued


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